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BuzzFeed created a gallery of photos that show how creepy nature can be. How weak and helpless humans are in comparison with other creatures! Just look at these pics:

1. Oh God, bees have built a hive inside of an old doll…01 (1)
An interesting fact: when bees are stressed, they exude special pheromones that make all the swarm attack the creature that bothered them. Brrr.

2. These fire ants formed a floating island to survive a flood in Houston. (Yes, these are ants)02
An interesting fact: these ants can live up to 3 weeks, and they have 165% more venom than other fire ants.
A curious fact: every tentacle of a squid has it’s own character.

3. This is how a squid hunts a crab (very unexpected final of the video).


4. A mother-centipede protects it’s children.04
A curious fact: the majority of centipedes are carnivores – they eat crickets, ants and other small insects.

5. This fungus Cordyceps grew on a spider web.05
A curious fact: Cordyceps is a weird organism. This parasite fungus captures the body of an insect and controls it. This thing makes it’s victim die high up so than it’s spores get spread by the wind to reach other organisms. Oh God.
6. This deer is changing antlers. 06
An interesting fact: deers loose their antlers every year, and new ones start to grow. Some athletes take illegal drugs based on substances taken from antlers. They contain a hormone that is similar to insulin.

7. Why is salmon crossing the road?07
A curious fact: salmons always swim against the current and can cross roads.

8. Deep water “finger of death” freezes all the living organisms.08
A curious fact: It’s not a joke. This thing is called “brinikl” and it is an icicle of deep salty waters. It submerges and then extends, and everything around it freezes.

9. A jaguar jumped into water to kill a cayman.

A curious fact: despite of a common misconception, jaguars are good swimmers and often hunt aquatic animals, like fishes and turtles.

10. This lava waterfall resembles an illustration from Dante’s book.10

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