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It may sound unbelieveble, but it is found that a mixture of honey and cinnamon cures almost all diseases. But what`s best is that honey is a relatively cheap commodity which can be purchased in almost all markets. Scientists also confirm that honey is a very effective medicine for all kinds of diseases, which in combination with cinnamon, becomes a leathal weapon against viruses, high cholesterol and blood sugar and other enemies of our health.



Make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder. Spread on a piece of toast instead of your regular jam and butter and eat it regularly for breakfast. This spread reduces cholesterol levels in the arteries and prevents against heart attack.



In a glass of hot water, mix two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Drink it in the morning and evening. With regular consumption you can even cure chronic arthritis.



In a glass of lukewarm water mix two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey. Drink on a daily basis. This destroys the germs in the bladder.



Mix two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon powder in a large mug of tea. While drinking this, your cholesterol levels reduce for 10% within 2 hours.



For those who suffer from common or severe colds it is recomended that you shoukd take one tablespoon honey with 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder. Take this three consecutive days and you would aid most chronic cough, cold symptoms and clear the sinuses.



A combination of honey with cinnamon powder aids stomach cramps and pain. Take it regularly to cure stomach ulcers.



Daily intake of honey and cinnamon powder strengthens the immune system and protects the body from bacteria and viruses.



Doctors from Spain have proved in one study that honey contains natural ingredients that kill the influenza germs and prevents from catching the flu.


Boil honey and cinnamon powder in a cup of water. Drink every morning on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. Taken regularly, it aids weight loss of even the most obese persons.



Residents of South America gargle one teaspoon of honey and cinnamon mixed in lukewarm water first thing in the morning. This helps them maintain a fresh breath throughout the whole day.


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