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The US Air Force is turning its focus to space in efforts to stay one step ahead in the evolution of warfare.

In an article for DefenseOne, Secretary of the Air Force Dr Heather Wilson argues that ‘getting space operations right’ is crucial for America’s future military success.

According to Wilson, the Pentagon is now in the process of establishing an organization to recruit and train the airmen that will be involved, in the first of many steps to ensure the US’s ‘space superiority.’


Next, the Air Force will be choosing a deputy chief of staff for space operations, according to Wilson.

With the coming budgets and policies, the Air Force will be able to adapt to the changing face of war, just as it has in the past.

And, space is the next step in the progression.

‘In short, we must develop space airmen who have the tools, training, and resources to fight when – not if – war extends into space,’ Wilson wrote.


Just as the Air Force built the training ranges, schools, and programs to ensure air dominance after the Vietnam War, we now must determine how best to do this in space.

According to Wilson (pictured), a focus on space is a ‘no-fail mission’

‘We are currently investing in the hardware to ensure space superiority; in the near future we will need to grow the number of space airmen and the accompanying infrastructure much like we did for the combat Air Force 40 years ago.’

Wilson points to several technologies that are already proving their importance, including spy satellites and technology to guide remotely piloted craft.

The expert explains that a shift toward space is a ‘no-fail mission,’ as the frontier moves into a renaissance reminiscent of the 1960s, with countless military and commercial launches now taking place on a regular basis.

Space will offer an advantage, according to Wilson, allowing US forces to be smarter and faster in their operations.


So, in the months to come, the Air Force plans to boost the space force both ‘in numbers and capabilities.’

‘As many have noted, warfare is becoming increasingly complex and can be fought in many places at once,’ Wilson wrote.

‘In the future, this “multi-domain” warfare – occurring rapidly on land and sea, in the air, and in space – will require new thinking and, perhaps, training that is not yet imagined.

‘With space airmen helping to lead the way, I am confident we are up to this challenge.’


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