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Through a study i`ve concluded a long time ago, that if I wanted to have a long and healthy life in harmony with nature, eating meat would be a serious obstacle. I also want to add that I am not what the world calls a vegetarian. Vegetarians cook their vegetables and usually don`t drink fresh, raw juices made from unprocessed fruit and vegetables or eat cooked starch. Although I’m sure that there are many true, strict vegetarians that do not eat meat or dairy, very few of them follow a perfect natural diet. People have not yet realized that nature offers food that provides an incredibly good health, weight in accordance with the body and a perspective of living longer.

It’s amazing how many things you have to learn before you see how little you know

I found that people who study and understand the reasons for avoiding certain foods, become very motivated and never eat that food again. Eating meat is a custom passed on to this generation for thousands of years and has created a habit that is contrary to common sence. Man’s appetite for animal flesh is a tradition, so if one doen`t head off to ask wheather that helps or hinders his health and long life, he`ll continue to eat meat and suffer the consequences of his own actions. Psychologically, eating meat raises the bodies acidity level. During the digestion and breakdown of meat to simple amino acid, the body produces large amounts of uric acid. If the body could immediately discharge the uric acid there wouldn`t be a lot of damage. However, as the digestion is a slow process, the muscles absorb huge amounts of uric acid over the time until full saturation. This acid gradually transformed into crystals with needle sharp peaks, which causes discomfort and diseases such as arthritis, nerve inflammations, sciatica, kidney inflammations and liver diseases. I my whole life I haven`t met a person who eats fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, drinks reasonable amounts of fresh fruit and vegetable juices for five, ten or more years that during that time has suffered from any disturbance caused by uric acid. Conversely, without exceptions, every case that came to me in hand that I could check if a person is suffering from rheumatism, sciatica, nerve inflammation caused primarly due to re regular meat intake. During the research we have made thousands of urine analyzes and every time, without exception, found that the urine contained only 1/10 to 1/5 of the amount of uric acid which should have been  excreted from the body, suggesting that the muscles had absorbed the uric acid 5 to 10 times more than what the body should have excreted through the kidneys. If for nothing else, you should refrain from eating meat and meat products at least in order to avoid diseases and disorders, that will emerge sooner or later due to the accumulation of uric acid in the body.

Do not eat “artificial” meat!

Warnings to those who soy as a meat substitute. When you eat the soy substitute, you cause the stoamck to secrete digestive juices needed for digesting concentrated proteins, because the flavor of  meat awakens a sense of pleasure in the brain. And in fact there is no concentrated protein in soy substitute, the secreted stomack  juices “attack” the soy substitute as if it was meat, but usually consists of boiled corn, soy and starch. The outcome is food indigestion that leads to poisoning.


Meat causes us irreparable damage

During my research I found, as well as many other researchers, that eating meat increases the acidity of the body. When digestion breaks down the meat in its original amino acids, it produces a large amount of uric acid. If the body could immediately excrete it there would be no major damage. But the body can`t eliminate uric acid all at once, so the muscles absorb huge amounts of it! Over time, the muscles become full of uric acid crystals that have needle-sharp points. Needless to say that this leads to pain and discomfort. Uric acid crystals formed in the muscles cause rheumatism, nerve inflammations, sciatica, kidney inflammations and other renal diseases. If for nothing else, then we should give up eating meat and meat products at least to avoid pain and diseases, which sooner or later occur as a result of the accumulation of uric acid in the body. Eating meat is therefore a matter of personal choice, demand or judgment. It has nothing to do with the body’s need for protein. Eating meat is a habit which passes from generation to generation for thousands of years. As such, it is not based on actual demand. A man’s appetite for animal flesh is a legacy, he doesn`t even try to think whether it is reasonable or not, and can be punished because he does.


Your juicy steak meat is toxic adrenaline, bacteria and decay

Every animal is terrified when he is led to the slaughter, as every human being would be if it were in its place. The adrenal glands produce so much adrenaline that the animals meat becomes completely soaked in it, and it remains so even when it is eaten. A few minutes after slaughter each cell in the animal’s body begins to decay. When they were led to the slaughter, the animals instinctively knew what awaited them. Hopelessly they are possessed with indescribable fear. The effect of this is, that their blood and muscles get filled with adrenaline poison, attacked in places by decaying bacteria. Who would want to eat a dead thing full of bacteria, that gets more decomposed at every second, and all its amino acids had been destroyed during cooking?

A drop of adrenaline that glands secrete into the bloodstream immediately gets diluted in a billion to two billion parts. This could be compared to a drop of ink diluted in 20 million liters of water. If for you this comparsion is unthinkable, imagine the distance ratio between two road markings remoted one mile away and eight thousand trips to the moon and back.

Now you supposedly realize the power of the adrenaline poison. Its the same when we get angry or scared, the adrenal gland runs at full speed and secretes more adrenaline in the blood, depending on the degree of anger or fear.


Habit is powerful, habit can kill

Because people are used to eating dead food and despite that they are still alive, it is difficult to convince the world that atoms in our food must be alive, organic atoms, if we want or expect to have a vital body without infections and diseases.

Lifeless, inorganic atoms in cooked and processed foods cause degeneration and decay of the body before its time. In contrast to life, which is mobile, magnetic and organically, death is fixed, non-magnetic and inorganic. Life creates life, and this applies to the atoms in food. When the atoms in the amino acids are alive, the organic atoms can operate effectively. When they destroyed by animal slotter or heat procesing , food loses the life-giving factors from the amino acids. Animals build their larger, stronger and healthier bodies eating amino acid rich plants, more than humans can do by eating meat. If you need more evidence to refute the ridiculous claims in favor of eating meat, we should look for any carnivores that loook like beasts of burden, so we sould see that nothing came out of it, because carnivorous animals do not have the strength or endurance. As herbivores, ranging from horses and oxen and all to elephants have exceptional strength and durability, built on nutrition with raw herbs.

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